Holy Spirit

I want to take a moment and talk about the Holy Spirit. Step into any Christian bookstore, or some “evangelical” churches and you will see and hear a lot about how to live a Christian life. However something is missing. The role of the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t get mentioned! It seems to be all about you. What can you do to be redeemed, made righteous, be sanctified? The answer is.. Nothing! We can’t take credit for anything. Nothing is possible without faith.  The Spirit is the one who gives us a heart of flesh. He is the one that makes it possible for us to know God. For our own nature is too sinful, too dead to know God or come to Him on our own. It is not possible to live a “Christian Life” without Him. He is the one who works through us and gives us a new heart. He makes it possible for us to say no to sin. When we are made spiritually alive , our spirit will battle with our sinful flesh. Thus making it possible to do anything pleasing to God.  So before you pick up the book on how to have a “successful life”, use discernment! Does the book your about to read teach true Christian doctrine? Remember just because a Christian wrote a book, doesn’t mean its better or held in higher regard than the Bible. I challenge all of my fellow Christians as well as all churches to use discernment, check these books and bible study teachings for the message and content, if it teaches anything different than the Bible, it should be tossed aside.

  • 2Timothy 4: 1-5
  • Galations 1: 6-10
  • Isaiah 11:2
  • 1 Thessalonians 1:5
  • Romans 8:5-17

These are a few scriptures about teaching the Word of God, and about the Holy Spirit. These are only a few of the statements the Bible makes on these subjects. There wouldn’t be enough time or room for all of it. Please read for yourself. Get your Bible, read it daily. Use Gods Word as a foundation to base everything you think, do, or set your eyes upon.

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