Mud on the News 1st Edition

In this edition of Mud on the News we will be discussing all the controversy revolving around “Pastors” claiming that Mormonism is Christianity.  To get started we need to establish what Mormonism teaches.

Brief Introduction Into Mormon Doctrine

mudnews2-001Mormons are Polytheist.  This means they believe in more than one God. This is a direct violation of the first commandment. They believe that the Trinity is three separate gods as well as that anyone can progress to be a god.  Adam is one of these gods who progressed into one of the three degrees into godhood.  The Mormon Jesus is also different.  Their view of Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer, and was brought into the flesh by Adam having sexual intercourse with Mary.  The Mormon view of salvation is also different.  Almost everyone gets a second chance in the next life, hardly anyone goes to hell.  If you have done enough good works you too can become a god.  In the Mormon world, Jesus only helped a little bit, you must do the rest.  It is not the Christian Jesus.  The Christian Jesus is the Jesus who won your complete salvation, not just half of it.

Why Would Anyone Confuse This With Christianity?

This different religion should not be confused with Christianity.  So why then are there pastors claiming that Mormons are Christians?  To know this we must look at what they themselves teach.  What do you hear at their churches?  Mostly a topical teaching of how you can have a better life mixed in with a vague mention of Jesus.  Apparently being a Christian is just that.  It would seem it doesn’t matter what your view of salvation is (works), or your view of who God is (anyone, including yourself).  All you need is a vague mention of Jesus as savior and that’s all it takes.  Seems you can teach whatever your view of God is(instead of the Biblical view), teach ninety-nine percent junk, and just mention Jesus and it’s a ”Christian” message.

Todd, a Men of Mud Subscriber, emailed me discussing why these modern church pastors would make such a crucial mistake and stated the following:

Maybe because they don’t preach from the Bible and they are trying not to offend the world.

That is just it.  They do not preach the complete Word of God and they do not want to offend anyone.  Why worry more about what man says, instead of what God says?  They concern themselves about their popularity because it’s all about growing their church.  Folks, I’m glad that we have a lot of subscribers to our site; however that is not our primary goal.  Our goal is to preach the true meaning of God’s Word in a world that has corrupted its teachings.  That is a true shepherd, someone who will face down the wolf and protect his sheep.   I do not care what men think, that’s not my job.  My job is to let the Spirit work through the Word, and trust Him to guide sheep to His Word.  Any pastor that worries too much about what people think, and changes what God says to make them happy, is not a true pastor.

Why Do Mormons Claim to be Christians?

Mormons might consider themselves Christians, however this does not mean that they believe the Word alone.  They do believe in the Bible however they believe it to be flawed and thus hold their teachings higher than the Bible.  Their teachings are based on “The Book of Mormon”, “The Doctrine and Covenants”, “The Pearl of Great Price”, and the “Living Prophet” who is head of the Mormon Church.  The Book of Mormon was given to a “prophet” Joseph Smith from an angel.  This angel stated that Christianity and the Bible were corrupt and to take the book (written on golden tablets), and start a new church. So yes they do have Bibles except they hold that the Bible is last on the list, not the first.

In conclusion, Mormonism is not Christianity.  We know this because they do not hold the Bible to be the true infallible Word of God; they worship other gods, and have a works based system to be one of these gods. Their Jesus, is not our Jesus!  Remember to test everything against scripture.

Galatians 1:8-9

1 John 4:1

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For even more information check out apologist Dr. James White’s website Alpha and Omega Ministries

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