Mud on the News 3rd Edition

This week’s Mud on the News topic:

Purge the Gaga From Among you?

I recently read an article written by Katherine Weber at the Christian Post.  The article states that Lady Gaga’s upcoming concerts in the Philippines are being protested by Christians due to her negative influence and promotion of godlessness.  While I am all for standing up for your Christian beliefs there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.  We cannot force our faith on someone else.  In fact it’s protesting like this that shows the outside world that Christianity is just a bunch of rules.  This is why we shouldn’t be judging the outside world; we should only do so in the church and without pride.  Let’s take a look at some Scripture.

1 Corinthians 5:11-13

Matthew 7:1-5

In 1 Corinthians 5:13 we see that we should purge the evil from among us.  Taken in context we see that Paul is talking about those inside the church, those who call themselves Christians yet do not bear any fruit of a Christian life.  Here is my point.  You should not judge and force your beliefs on the outside world.  A Lady Gaga concert is not your church and thus you should not try to impose on her freedom of speech.

Should we be Gaga for Gaga?

mudnews2-001I am not saying we should embrace her behavior or to attend her concerts.  What I am saying is that she has the same liberties and freedoms as we all enjoy and we should not try to impose on them.  If you do not like what she promotes, don’t go to her concerts and do not purchase her albums.  If you ever get the opportunity, then share the Gospel with her.  After all, she is no  worse than we are. We all are sinful and it is only by the grace of God that we are saved. It is so easy to point the finger at someone who is not saved and scream “Filth”, yet if we do a simple examination of ourselves using the Law we can see our own “Filth”.  We are like garbage in a landfill judging other garbage.  God is the one that picks us up, cleans us whiter than snow, and saves us from the burning pit where the trash is thrown.  It is Christ who saves, and it is He who we desperately need to tell others about.  You do not deserve a savior; none of us do, so stop pointing at other sinners and start pointing to Christ.  You are saved by Christ and you need to help proclaim that to the rest of the world however it is not your job to save them.  If they resist the Holy Spirit it is not your fault, you cannot force someone to believe.  You are the messenger, deliver the message in love.  Until next time, remember to put on the full armor of God and stand firm on the foundation of Christ!

If you would like to read Katherine Weber’s article go to The Christian Post

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