Read the Instructions

Today we will be discussing:

Joshua 9: 1-15

The Gibeonites feared that after the Israelites conquered Jericho and Ai, that they would be next.  In the midst of this fear they then devised a plan to deceive the Israelites into taking them in as their own.  Perhaps Joshua and the Israelites  did not think this to be a large matter and did not seek guidance from the Lord and in turn fell into the Gibeonites deception.

Matters too Small

This reminds me of a time that I put together a bookcase.  My family loves to read so of course I have put together many bookcases before this particular one.  This one was a three shelf bookcase, a lot smaller than the 5 shelf ones I have put together before, so right away I underestimate the task.  So instead of using the instructions I dive right in and it doesn’t take long before I realize that I have messed up and ruined the bookcase.  Now I go and purchase a second one.  This time I will use the instructions.  I began to skim the instructions as a mere guideline and I did get further than the previous bookcase however I made another mistake that ruined this one as well.  So, I purchase a third bookcase.  This time I took it slow and read each step carefully.  Wouldn’t you know it, it was put together properly.

Much like Joshua and the Israelites I did not seek wisdom.  Perhaps he too thought it was a simple task and not large enough to seek wisdom. We should always be checking God’s word for guidance and wisdom.

Read Psalm 119:105

There is nothing too small to take before the Lord in prayer.  There is also something else we can learn from my experience with the bookcases.  Do not “skim” the instructions.  We should dissect and study the Word.  If someone mentions scripture or claim it says something then check for yourself.  All too often we think that we can handle things on our own.  This mistake is rooted in our pride.  Our sinful nature puts self above all else.  Humble yourself to the Lord; realize you are not the center of the universe and holding the planets in their place.  It is not you holding the earth on its axis.  You are not God and therefore you do not know what His word says unless you are in the Word daily!  Partake in the Word as you would partake in your daily intake of food and water.  Let it nourish your soul.

Still Under Attack

The reason God wanted the Israelites to be set apart from the Canaanites was because He didn’t want them to be led astray and to worship false gods.  This warning speaks to the church today.  We would do well to check God’s word for what it truly says and not what someone tells you it says.  There are a lot of false prophets in today’s Christianity and it takes us “good Bereans” to expose them and bring their folly into the light.  Sheep need a good shepherd, and Christ is our Shepherd and He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit in His Word.  Let us hold His Word sacred.  Remember to put on the full armor of God and stand firm on the foundation of Christ.

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