Today we will be discussing:

Lamentations 3:40-42; 55-57

When was the last time you sinned?  If your heart is beating and your breathing air then you are still in your body of flesh and bones.  If that is still the case then you still sin.  Our sinful nature does not want anything other than to please itself.  It certainly doesn’t like to be told its wrong, or to be denied.  Just as our stomach grumbles when we are hungry so does our sinful flesh ache and burn for its own desires.  As baptized believers in Christ, we are led by the Spirit and through His help we can deny our selfish flesh in daily repentance.  Yes we still sin, after all we are still breathing and living in this world, however we are not in heaven and are still in our sinful flesh and we will still sin.


When was the last time you confessed your sin to the Lord?  Since we still sin we need to confess.  As our text in Lamentations states we need to examine ourselves and return to the Lord.  Our sins need to be confessed and repented of so that we may receive forgiveness of our sins.  This is hard to do.  For us to repent (turn to the Lord) and confess we must acknowledge that our way was sinful.  Worse yet instead of confessing we try to do good works to make up for it.  How silly it is that we would rather do something to try to cover our sin instead of just confessing it to our Lord.  Yet we do it.  We put on our filthy coat and say “look at me, I made it better”.


When we repent and confess, we take off the coat of filthy righteousness and Jesus puts His coat on us and clothes us in His righteousness.  Then He absolves us and proclaims that we have been forgiven upon that cross and that nothing we do will ever take that away.  We are now reconciled to the Father through the redeeming work of Christ.  Glory be to God for this beautiful gift.  Come, confess to the Lord and exchange your filthy coat for His glorious garment!

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