Psalm 13


This is a Psalm of comfort.  In life we are bombarded with problems and anxieties. This psalm teaches us that prayer is our first, last, and only line of defense for the troubled heart.  Through prayer we can take our problems to the Lord and leave them there; this can and should be combined with […]

Beatitudes: Law or Gospel


Today we will be discussing the Beatitudes and whether or not they are Law or Gospel. This seems out of the ordinary doesn’t it? Why would I write concerning the Beatitudes and what difference does it make wether they are Law or Gospel? The reason I am writing about this subject is because there is […]

Psalm 12


A Psalm of prayer, Psalm 12, cries out against those who use their tongue to destroy.  Perhaps the most evil of which is done in the name of the Lord; breaking the Second Commandment by misusing the Lord’s name.  False teachers mangle and change God’s Word to suit their own passions.  The idea that we are justified […]

The Gate


Today we will be discussing Luke 16 This chapter of Luke gives us an understanding of how idolatrous money can be.  Upon reading this chapter we will not only see how money can be a “god” but also how those who worship it can seem to be “good” people even though they are not “good”; […]

Mud on the Sermon 13th Edition


This week’s Mud on the Sermon reviews a sermon by Steve Viars of Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. This sermon is titled ‘The Power of Hope in the Planning Process – Becoming a Person with a Plan’. The link to this sermon can be found here and at the bottom of the post. Some Scripture […]


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